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Instead of the Introduction

   Is there anything new we can write about the Crimean Diving? It seams, that all dive sites descriptions are written, objects are found and identified and beauties are praised. But then you find yourself on the outer anchorage of Sevastopol, peering intensively at the sonar screen, hoping to see peak of the signal, and waiting, waiting for a new find - a new shipwreckÖ

   Despite the fact that Black Sea diving is popular amongst divers, this place can still provide a chance to discover something new. It gives lots of opportunities for you to discover new sites and search for treasures, or take part in a real research projects.

   Black Sea Wreck Club has its own support fleet, and its crew members have a unique knowledge of the region. We have a compressor and blending systems (including adequate supply of gases), that allow us to prepare any gas mix with high precision and accuracy. Our club provides both serious stock of rental equipment - and enough space to store your personal gear. Besides that, we are ready to provide you with dive education at any level, to help you to increase your qualification level - with help of the very best (and just good) instructors. Taking in account typical weather conditions in Crimea, we can go out into the Sea from different harbors of Sevastopol. And if the weather does not allow to go out at all - we have prepared an interesting and reach sightseeing program - and we can adopt it in accordance with divers (and their friends) interests.

   We tried to collect as much information about this region as possible - to help those, who just got interested in this place as a dive spot. Our goal is to keep renewing and updating it with both original materials and dive reports, and links to other interesting sources.

Ignaty Prokhorov Russian Steamer
"Ignaty Prokhorov" Russian Steamer

Agnes Blakie Sailing Ship
"Agnes Blakie" Sailing Ship

Lenin Soviet Steamer
"Lenin" Soviet Steamer

Skat Submarine
"Skat" Submarine

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