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   Several generations of explorers, both military and civilian, professionals as well as enthusiasts, conduct dives in the Black Sea - including the area around the city of Sevastopol, which is very reach with interesting finds. Though relatively many wreck-hunters have visited objects at "air" depth, deeper wrecks require much more preparations, which made them desirable but inaccessible for most of divers. The desire to visit such objects forces to put a lot of efforts into organization - including fully functional support team, getting coast and frontier guards permissions, and fixing lots of other small details.

   The idea of creating a technically oriented dive club in Sevastopol appeared some time ago. The deciding factors, that led to the club creations were the big amount of discoveries, made in the 2008 season, and a well established technical base. Additional factor was an interest, shown by many leading technical instructors, who wanted to teach in the area, and needed a base for that.

   With the "Rumb" team leaving the technical diving scene, and the discontinuance of "Tek Force" club activities, there were no real technical dive center in hole Sevastopol area - in this situation the new club will provide unique opportunity to conduct professionally organized and supported technical dives.

   Black Sea Wreck Club also aims to organize research projects and expeditions, identify and document all discovered objects. This is just a few reasons to gather a team of like minded people, and begin this project.

Andrey Bikov, project ideologist and responsible for everything

Mega Dahab

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