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LTD «Barocenter of Sevastopol»

Barocenter of Sevastopol, Black sea WRECK club

  • «Moby Dick» yacht club at the Martynovskaya bay, Sevastopol "Moby Dik"

  • http://www.wreckdiver.ru

       LTD «Barocenter of Sevastopol» offers services of a diving pressure chamber PDC - 2.

       LTD «Barocenter of Sevastopol» is the civil organization created in 2011 in order to render the full-fledged help to civil and military divers, at treatment of the specific diseases connected with immersions under water.
    The pressure chamber is put into operation on August 1, 2013. There are all necessary permissions and coordination for its exploitation.

       In 2011-2012 necessary tests are taken place therefore the resource of a pressure chamber is prolonged till 2016. The staff was trained and certificated in Academy of the Navies (Black Sea Highest Academy of the Navies) named of P.S. Nakhimov, training centers of the State industrial supervision of Ukraine.

       Quality control of air is carried out by specialized laboratory with issue of the corresponding certificate.
    The room of a pressure chamber is equipped with systems of ventilation, heating and conditioning, uninterrupted power supply of all systems of a pressure chamber (the compressor, the medical equipment, lighting), a bathroom and shower.
    The diving doctor’s workplace is completed with necessary quantity of the modern equipment and expendables. Comfortable conditions for long finding of the diver are created in compartments of a pressure chamber.
    Oxygen oxygenation is carried out by means of the independent respiratory devices of the closed cycle placed in compartments of a pressure chamber.

       Medical maintenance of work of a pressure chamber is carried out by the skilled diving doctor Veduta Yury Aleksandrovich, who has big practice of treatment of decompressed diseases.
    Practical work seminars for professional development of the medical staff are annually held. Classes are given by one of founders of diving medicine, the doctor-baro physiologist G.M. Sokolov.
    Possibilities of a pressure chamber allow to carry out educational and training descents to depth to 100 meters, treatment of occupational diseases on existing air modes, including a mode No. 3

       LTD «Barocenter of Sevastopol» ñooperates with insurance companies: «TIT insurance company» Moscow, Russia, «Formika» Kiev, Ukraine, and also is the representative in the Crimea LTD «Express Assist Center».
    These companies offer the wide range of insurance services for a covering of risks at occupations by recreational and technical diving, diving works.

       The pressure chamber is completed with the compressor of fan of a high pressure «Bauer» with the lowered noise level. The system of cleaning (Ð61) provides quality of used air significantly above than standards "Uniform safety rules of work at diving works" operating in the territory of Ukraine.

       The room of a barocenter is located directly on the mooring No. 160, «Moby Dick» yacht club in the bay Martynovskaya of Sevastopol. Delivery of the victim from the water area is possible.

    Contacts to Andrey Bykov:

    T.RF: +7 903 130 1182,

    Ò.UA: +38 095 1598506

    Email: bykovav@rambler.ru

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