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UJ-102 Anti Submarine Vessel

Depth: 20 метров.
Date of sinking: 1943

  An anti-submarine vessel. On 15 December 1943 she sank for unknown reasons, all hands lost. This resulted in the death of 53 sailors. There are many versions of the reasons of this sinking. One of them is that she went down due to an ammo explosion which took place on the transport Santa-Fe which had been lost earlier in this area. According to this version the hunter-killer attacked with depth charges that provoked the explosion. She was a former Type KT small cargo ship of 834 brt. One more version is substantially more interesting : the Santa-Fe had carried a cargo which was not to fall into hands of the Soviet army, especially as this area was constantly patrolled by the Soviet submarine D4.
  What kind of cargo could be on board the German transport ? Archives' data reveal a new tank destroyer - Jagdpanzer, its production was under Hitler's personal control.
  There is still a rumour in Yevpatoria about this mysterious cargo of the Santa-Fe and a sunken submarine which lies near the town in few feet of water.
UJ-102 Anti Submarine Vessel
UJ-102 Anti Submarine Vessel

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