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"Varna" German Cargo Ship

Depth: 56 метров.
Date of sinking: 1943

  This vessel sank off Lake Donuzlav in 1943.

  The picture shows a ship's watch bell from the German Cargo Ship Warna which was discovered and subsequently recovered from 50 meters depth by participants of a marine expedition conducted by the Underwater Heritage Department of Ukraine in the Cape Yevpatoriyskiy - Cape Tarkhankut area. The ship's watch bell was delivered to the Underwater Heritage Department and it would become a part of the Ukranian Marine Museum's exposition.

  The Warna was a cargo ship operated by Germany. The hull and the upper works have remained in good shape. The top point of the ship ( which is her mast ) is only in 32 meters of water. A cargo of timber can be found in one of her holds, second hold gave us a surprise being full of barrels ( 40 - 400 litres ) which looked like wine ones. A double-barrelled anti-air gun has been fitted to the bow and the deck-house. The main part of destruction has touched the ship's stern section, which has been torn off and lies a bit aside. The elevation above the seabed is 10 meters.
"Varna" German Cargo Ship
Varna German Cargo Ship
(photo A. Marinichev)
Watch bell from "Varna"
Watch bell from Varna

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