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The Sudak and Losos' in the Southern Harbour of Sevastopol Depth: 65
Date of sinking: 1916

In September of 1916 UB-7 was a part of the Constantinople flotilla. She had made a voyage from the port of Pola to the Black Sea under her own power under the command of Oberleutnant zur See Wilhelm Werner, who had been relieved on 12 April 1916 by 26 year old Oberleutnant Hans Luetjohann. Two more men were temporarily assigned to the crew before this last patrol - a Radio Telegraph Flag Officer ( as Officer of the watch ) and Bulgarian Petty Officer Second Class Stoyan Georgiev Peshev. On 27 September 1916, after the commander had received instructions in the harbour master's office which was located in the northwest corner of the harbour, he came on board and ordered to cast mooring-lines off. The U-boat started to slowly approach the harbour exit passing by the extremities of the eastern and southern jetties and then headed for Sevastopol. But it was a course to ... nowhere because she would be lost in a little more than 100 hours. The " tin tadpole " made her final crossing of the Black Sea on the surface.

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